Line Dance Videos

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While in-person line dance classes are unavailable, you may want to take advantage of the following line dance video workshops provided by Dancing for the Dream.  These videos feature many of the line dance routines the Village Lines enjoy.  All dances are walked through before the music begins! 

Line Dance Workshop for All (especially new dancers!) – 8 Line Dances

Social Line Dance Workshop Video 19 Line Dances

Social Line Dance Workshop Video 29 Line Dances


Cab Driver (Teach and Dance)

Cajun Thang (Teach & Dance)

Fun For All (Teach and Dance)

The Locomotion (Teach and Dance)

Mamma Maria (Dance and Teach)

Rockin’ The Wagon Wheel (Teach)

Rockin’ The Wagon Wheel (Dance)

I Love a Rainy Night (Dance and Teach)

Puttin on the Ritz (Teach and Dance)

Little Cupid (Dance)

Little Cupid (Teach)

Blue Rose Is (Dance)

I Ain’t Never (Teach and Dance)

Down the Road Apiece (Dance)

Down the Road Apiece (Teach)

New York, New York (Teach and Dance)

Shackles (Teach & Dance)

Cut A Ru(Teach & Dance)

Midnight Walk (Dance)

Little Polka (Teach & Dance)

Texas Barefootin’ (Teach and Dance)

Texas Barefootin’ Double Time (Teach & Dance)

Rita’s Waltz (Teach and Dance)

Little Rumba (Dance)

Meet Me in the Islands (Dance)

Closer Walk With Thee (Teach)

Closer Walk With Thee (Dance)

Little Charleston (Teach)

Little Charleston (Dance)

Bonaparte’s Retreat (Dance and Teach)

East Of Jerusalem Waltz (Dance and Teach)

King David Danced (Teach and Dance)

Midnight Hauler (Teach and Dance)

Stroll Along Cha Cha (Dance)

Colours of the Wind Rumba (Teach and Dance)

Gypsy Queen (Dance & Teach)

Lonely Drum (Teach and Dance)

Cruisin’ (Teach & Dance)

Old School Bop (Teach & Dance)

Rose Garden (Teach and Dance)

Champagne Promise (Teach and Dance)

Come Dance With Me (Teach)

Come Dance With Me (Dance)

Jo ‘n Jo Tango (Teach)

Jo ‘n Jo Tango (Dance)

Dizzy (Teach)

Dizzy (Dance)

Boardwalk Time (Dance)

Second Chance Waltz (Teach and Dance)